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early writings


My poems are often born from a journal entry.  It is not unusual for me to unknowingly write a hidden observation somewhere within the third page which catches my attention and begs to be explored.  It is this exploration that stimulates my creative vision and soon I am writing the first draft of a poem right there in the journal.  I keep the words, images and intention of the poem with me for as many days as the poem needs, making edits until it is ready to be input into the computer.  The poem will often tell me what it is about during that time.  

For me, writing poetry requires trust within myself and a clear intention.  It's important for me to listen to myself and write what I know and is meaningful to me.  Some of my poems are selfishly written to help me move obstacles in my life.  I know by opening myself up, I take a leap of faith giving my life it's fullness in reaching out to you. 

what my father said 

It took me 15 years to write this poem. It honors my father who was diagnosed with and died from melanoma when I was in college.  This poem began as a way to grieve his death but soon became too difficult to write so I put it away until I was able to greet my loss. The poem is written in my father's voice.  A perceived observation of his last days, it speaks of life as a gift to be enjoyed, an inheritance reaching back through generations and the love we pass on.


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