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surprise inspiration

I often get inspiration from the many treasured objects I keep in my home.  Some of these treasures were inherited, some were purchased and some were gifts.  Each has a story.  They bring me love, hope or longing.  They always bring me gratitude and are often included in my poems.

seaglass and tiles on nana's plate

Looking for seaglass is treasure hunting at it's best. Not all beaches and shores have seaglass however.  I'm fortunate to live near a great spot for finding these beauties.  I keep one of my small collections on a colorful plate that belonged to my Nana.  Had my mother not taken the plate, it may have ended up at the estate sale my family held.  Estate sales are also great treasure hunting outings.  Seeing the naturally tumbled glass upon my Nana's antique plate makes me smile as both compliment one another with balance and unique expression.

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