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birthday celebration

From The Offering

I watch curled leaves, dusted dry

until eyelashes close my lids to

the breeze that brings the ocean to

the fire road surrounding these hills.

I need to know 

that if I were to open me up, I

would feel my every inhale

holding my attention just as though

I were a story being read in

the front room by the monks here 

who are praying.


I tell stories through poetry, images and objects.  This website was created as a vehicle to share these stories and offer inspirational products.  My "poetry on canvas" line of tote bags features my original poetry and was created as a way to share captured moments in an unique and artistic way.  I also offer small batch hand stamped kitchen tea towels, greeting cards, t-shirts and original oil paintings.


 I have loved poetry since the age of 8.  I clearly remember memorizing and reciting The Swing by Robert Louis Stevenson for my third grade class.  I did this for no other reason but to share my favorite poem.  Although I don't remember who exactly in my family urged me to do this, I have a suspicion it was my Grandmother Burns who was a published poet and writer herself.  My Father was my biggest audience.

Enjoy the words, images and emotions as you explore.  It's my hope that you'll resonate with a moment or an image and bring you to pause on the beauty and grandness in your own life. 

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